Beware of Home Teeth Whitening Internet Tips

We’ve had numerous patients with questions about Internet teeth-whitening tips.

This article addresses most of them: Health Tips: 6 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally. From acidic treatments like vinegar and lemon peels to potentially abrasive treatments like charcoal (!) to oil pulling, we recommend avoiding ALL of the above.

Lemon peels and vinegar: Both demineralize your enamel, which can ultimately result in the enamel being lost. It is likely true that the stain would be removed, but so will your tooth structure. And that’s bad.

This charcoal whitening trend is likely too abrasive for a tooth surface. At this point we recommend leaving the charcoal in the BBQ where it belongs.

Oil pulling has been a trend for a couple of years now, claiming to pull toxins from your body through your mouth. Although it has a mild antimicrobial effect, I would expect the whitening effect to be minimal or nonexistent.

In short, we have safe and proven whiteners already. They are available in your dental office or pharmacy to take home. They are proven not to damage teeth, only to remove staining. So probably do that.