One Day We Might Regrow Your Lost Teeth

There may be a day when you lose a permanent tooth, we may be able to implant a tooth bud and let you grow it all over again.

Currently there are 3 ways to replace your missing teeth.  Implants, bridges, and dentures.  But what if we could help you regrow a lost tooth?  Think of it as a really fun dental chia pet.  When you are very young, tooth buds develop in your jaw bone taking instruction from your DNA, and these buds will form your teeth and make them erupt into your mouth where they will gloriously reside until they are eventually attacked by the American processed food diet of acids and sugars.  If they are damaged and lost, we may eventually be able to make a new tooth bud, like the one you had as a baby, and place it back in your jaw so that you may regrow your lost tooth!  Stem cells are cells that have the ability to differentiate into whatever your body needs them to do, in the case of man-made tooth buds, these stem cells can be taken from the pulp of existing teeth, and seeded onto a tooth bud-shaped “scaffold” made of dissolvable silk or polyester, where they will turn into cells that lay down tooth structure.  After enough development, this tooth would be able to sprout into your mouth just as they did when you were a kid.  This technology has already been used successfully in fish, pigs and rats!  Who wants to be next? Let’s talk again in a decade.

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