What If We Could Induce Your Teeth to Fill Themselves?

Dentists around the globe take extended vacation while decayed teeth begin to spontaneously fix themselves.

At the center of your tooth lies a chamber filled with nerve, blood vessels, and stem cells.  These stem cells are capable of differentiating into cells called odontoblasts that can lay down new tooth structure.  They do this to some extent when bacteria invade deep into a tooth and make a big cavity, though often not enough to ward off the need for a filling or root canal.  Now apparently some mad scientist figured out that if you take a sponge soaked with an Alzheimer’s drug of all things, called Tideglusib, it’s a pretty potent stimulator of these stem cells to lay down new tooth inside the cavity.  Evidently if this is the case, we could conceivably remove some of the decay inside the tooth, insert the drug-soaked sponge, and let the tooth fill itself.  That means your filling would be made of tooth instead of white composite resin and metal which are both currently available.  Yeah before you get excited, you’ll still need me to do that for you.  I doubt you’ll be able to pop the sponge into your tooth while you’re watching Celebrity Housewives on your couch.  But that would be amazing.  Some articles are billing this as the end of the dentist.  In reality, it will only be the end of artificial filling materials, in favor of new biologically-stimulated ones.


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