You love your heart and your heart loves your dentist

The dental heart disease connection you never suspected!

If you needed another reason to keep up with your regular dental visits, you may very well help fight off that potential heart attack by visiting your dentist regularly, nipping oral disease in the bud, and keeping your mouth clean.  Everyone’s mouth is loaded with bacteria, it is the dirtiest part of your body tied with your rectum in terms of bacterial counts!  Inflamed gums that are brought about by teeth loaded with this bacterial plaque can provide an entry for bacteria into the bloodstream, where they can cause inflammation inside your arteries, including coronary arteries, which can help blockages form.  Blockages in your heart and brain can lead to heart attack and stroke.  Nobody wants cavities, but people want a heart attack even less.  The research is evolving, but oral bacteria have been found inside the blockages of coronary arteries.  Can oral bacteria initiate blockages all on their own?  We don’t know.  But they can definitely add to them.  Bacteria are little rascals, we need to keep them in low numbers.  So visit your dentist every 6 months to keep gum disease in check!


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