The relationship between diabetes and oral health is a 2 way street


No you’re not getting any, this is a dental office.  Control yourself.  It has long been known that diabetes can affect your oral health.  What is diabetes?  It’s a disease that doesn’t allow normal processing of sugar by the body.  Why?  In most cases, we ate too much of it, too often.  The receptors on the surface of your cells are resistant to insulin, the hormone that helps sugar be absorbed, because we made it work to absorb the insane amounts of sugar in our diets too many times.  The end result is high blood sugar, because the sugar can’t get into the cells where it is processed and broken down for energy.  The high blood sugar in your blood inhibits the function of your immune system, it serves as a sludge that the immune system must wade through to get to an area of infection.  And one of those areas of infection is probably inside your mouth.  There is a constant seesaw battle in your mouth between the bacteria that live there in very high numbers, and the immune system.  If the immune system hits the sugary sludge roadblock in your bloodstream while trying to get to the infection in your mouth, the infection progresses unchecked.  That infection is known as periodontal disease, the end result is that the bacteria win the seesaw fight against the immune system, infect the gums and bone, and secrete acid that destroys them both.  The destruction of gum and bone allows the teeth to loosen up and eventually fall out.  So all this we know.  But the idea of a 2 way street between diabetes and oral health is kinda new.  What if all the inflammation in our mouth is entering our bloodstream, and further inhibiting the metabolic processes that deal with sugar, and exacerbate diabetes?  That would be a vicious cycle, and that is what is being studied now.

So what can you do?  Visit your dentist every 6 months for a checkup and cleaning, and eat less processed food.  You have to imagine what was really intended for us.  The environment that we live in is not what we were intended to live in.  We were built to stroll through fields and forests, plucking fruits and vegetables, occasionally spearing a meaty beast.  Frequent naps.  Drinks of water by the river.  Instead what we have now are 2-Liter bottles of Coca Cola, Taco Bell, and other horrifying modern conveniences.  Yeah, your body was not really meant to use that as fuel.  Try to consume things as close to nature as they occur in reality.  Meat, vegetables, occasional fruit.  Fish.  Exercise!  We were meant to exercise!  It is hard work hunting a meaty beast!  Lots of running and throwing of spears.  Also it is hard work hunting and gathering fruits and vegetables.  What is not hard work?  Sitting in our cars at the McDonald’s drive thru.  Not judging.  Just saying, a lot of people never really consider what was intended, because we were born into modern conveniences and we’ll probably die in them.  But if you move your body, and eat things more like they occur in nature, as opposed to bathed in a deep fryer and wrapped in takeout packaging, that goes a long way in fighting off disease.  Plus, green juice is actually delicious once you get used to it.

Okay.  Food for thought.  When you put unintended processed foods into the body, you get unintended results back out.   One of those results is diabetes.  And many, many other conditions.  It doesn’t have to be that way.



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