Odd Phenomena Surrounding The Eruption Of Your Baby’s Teeth

Babies are like little aliens.  They’re new, we don’t really know them yet.  We’re not sure if they’re hostile or friendly.  They don’t speak our language.  They do odd things.  Large, bulging eyeballs.


Teeth tend to erupt over a 2 year period from 6 to 30 months old.  Some symptoms tend to accompany the eruption of the baby’s teeth.  A runny nose?  Fever?  Red rosy cheeks?  Irritability and sleeplessness?  There is no clear mechanism of action connecting the eruption of teeth to a runny nose.  But I can say that both of my kids had an above average amount of runny noses while their teeth were erupting.  Their cheeks turned bright red periodically as well.  This article hypothesizes that nothing about teeth erupting will directly cause your baby’s nose to get stuffed up.  But erupting teeth are stressful y’all.   They think your baby is stressed out!  And then the immune system suffers.  And then the billion germs your baby is around take advantage and stuff your baby’s nose right up.  They are also constantly stuffing objects into their mouth during this period, none of which are exactly sterile, further enhancing the opportunity to develop an illness that features a runny nose.


So I don’t know.  I can’t imagine a direct mechanism for a lower tooth to cause a runny nose.  But maybe upper teeth can somehow do it being in such close proximity to the maxillary sinuses and nasal cavities.  In any event, stock up on baby wipes (as if you hadn’t already) and ride it out.


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