The Science Is NEVER Settled

We just got another small reminder that we have a lot to learn.  A network of blood vessels previously unknown to exist have been discovered in bone.  A team of scientists made their finding by using chemicals on a mouse bone to make it transparent.  They could then see tiny red blood vessels crossing the bone shaft, previously unknown to harbor a blood supply.  These trans-cortical vessels or TCVs, were seen crossing the bone shaft, covering the whole bone and constituting most of the bone’s blood supply.

That should serve as a reminder to healthcare professionals that we do not know everything, and never will.  New information is constantly coming to light.  New anatomy, new reactions to medicines and vaccines, new diseases.  It would serve us all well to remember that the science is never settled, and to listen when a patient notes a particular reaction or behavior right after a medical procedure or medicine is given.  Be curious!  There is always something new to learn.


“It’s totally crazy there are still things to find out about human anatomy – we have discovered blood vessels in a new place that we didn’t know about before.”

Matthias Gunzer, Study Author