Biagio Iannace

Doctor of Dental Surgery


Dr. Biagio Iannace graduated from Fordham University in 1988, with a Bachelor of Arts in biology, then went on to Columbia University’s School of Dental and Oral Surgery, graduating in 1993, with an award for clinical scholarship. He further refined his dental skill during his general practice residency at Westchester County Medical Center. He returned to Columbia for his certification for Periodontology and a Master of Science degree in 1997. During his postdoctoral studies, Dr. Iannace also served as a resident in periodontics at the Bronx Veterans Administration Medical Center.

After graduating, he became an associate at a prestigious Manhattan periodontal practice. Soon after, he decided to open his own practice. Later, he also became an associate with our practice in Chester New York, bringing his Park Avenue treatment to the suburbs.

Dr. Iannace was a clinical instructor in periodontics at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, and has successfully passed the first of his qualifying exams to become a member of the American Board of Periodontology.

Dr. Iannace is an active member of the American Academy of Periodontics, American Dental Association, Northeastern Society of Periodontists, and the Dental Society of the State of New York. He also was an active member in the Yonkers Dental Society from 2004 -2007, when he served as secretary, treasurer, and vice president of that organization.