Answers to Frequent Inquiries

Do you take my insurance?

We are providers for roughly 15 insurance plans, which are listed in the insurance section of our website. If you do not see your plan listed there, and you would like to become a patient in our practice, we may be able to craft a special plan for you. In that event, please call and give your insurance information, name, and telephone number to the front desk, and we will review your plan to see how we may best accommodate you.

Can you knock me out or give me laughing gas?

Our practice does not utilize sedation because we are able to accomplish all procedures painlessly without putting a patient to sleep or altering his or her consciousness in any way. In the rare cases in which a patient is unable to cooperate, arrangements for a referral to another facility will be made. Of the 5,000 patient visits in our office annually, such referrals are necessary for less than 10 patients per year.

Do you accept children as patients?

Yes! In almost all instances children can be seen in our practice for everything from their first checkup and cleaning right to adulthood. We even have a staff orthodontist who help with braces if they are indicated. We are a family practice through and through.

Why do I need X-rays?

Your teeth have five surfaces: the biting surface, the cheek side, the tongue side, and two surfaces in between the teeth. Three of those five surfaces can be visualized rather clearly with an intraoral examination. The two surfaces between your teeth however, often cannot. We rely on images to indicate if decay or fracture is present in those areas. Before x-rays in dentistry, patients had MANY teeth extracted, because decay between the teeth can develop painlessly and may not have been caught until the patient had pain or infection. We recommend occasional x-rays to visualize these areas during your checkups. X-rays can also check for gum and bone pathology. Some practices dismiss patients who do not want x-rays. We do not subscribe to that mindset; depending on the situation, we will likely allow you to be treated anyway with the understanding that x-rays will be needed for an ideal result. We have installed a new state-of-the-art digital imaging system that utilizes incredibly tiny amounts of radiation to capture diagnostic images. For more about this system, please visit the imaging page.

Do I need antibiotic premedication?

Many patients have been told by their doctors to take a dose of antibiotics before having their teeth cleaned or dental work done. The list of reasons why that would be necessary has shrunk dramatically over the years with the latest round of updates to the ADA recommendations having been out since 2012. It is still best to ask your physician if you need antibiotics. Coronary stents, total joint replacements, heart murmurs, and metal implants in bones have been some of the reasons for recommending antibiotics in the past. Please follow your family physician’s recommendations for these conditions.

Will I need to be referred to a specialist in another office?

Probably not! Our team of dentists specialize in many areas, including general restorative dentistry, orthodontics (braces for children and adults), endodontics (root canals), and periodontics (gum and oral surgery). Almost all patients have their treatments completed entirely in our Chester, New York office.