A Full Range of Dental Solutions

Regular Cleanings

We recommend regular cleanings every six months to catch small problems before they become big ones. The typical American diet is high in processed foods and produces large amounts of disease-causing bacterial plaque on the teeth, which we remove during your cleaning. We also provide guidance for your home care routine to minimize plaque accumulation.

Digital Radiography

We use diagnostic images produced with less radiation than traditional radiography. External bitewing x-rays are available on our state-of-the-art equipment for patients who are challenged by x-ray sensors placed intraorally. An image can now be produced without placing anything the mouth.

Composite Fillings

If cavities have advanced to a stage where they can no longer be naturally arrested or reversed, we clean off the decay and place white tooth-colored restoration.

Root Canals

Our in-office endodontist is available if decay or infection has progressed to where the nerve in the center of the tooth has been irreversibly damaged. At that point, we painlessly remove the nerve tissue, which alleviates the symptoms.


If a tooth is damaged dramatically by fracture or decay, it may be necessary to place a porcelain crown around it to protect it from additional damage and restore it to its normal size and shape. We use this procedure  conservatively if a simple filling is not adequate to address the issues.


Our in-office periodontist can replace the root of a tooth that has been lost. The implant is placed exactly where the missing root was. Afterward, a porcelain tooth can be attached to restore form and function.


Porcelain facings can be made to change the appearance of the part of the tooth that shows when you smile. This can also be achieved in some cases with tooth-colored composite filling material.


Our in-office orthodontist has traditional braces as well as clear removable aligners to achieve a straight smile for both children and adults. Consultation with our orthodontist is free, and all treatment options are explained.

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